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Waterless Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Technology

Unlike other carpet cleaners, we use NO WATER!
“How?” you may ask?
Our proprietary alcohol-based dry carpet cleaning solution, process, and technology cleans and sanitizes your carpet without any harmful chemicals or damaging your carpet and its underlying padding.

Not Just Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Dry Cleaning.
Alcohol-Based. Sanitizes. Disinfects. Protects.

No Drying Time

You read that right, "Waterless Carpet Cleaning" (dry carpet cleaning). Unlike traditional carpet "steam" cleaning methods that may take hours or even days to dry, with SaniClean your carpet is clean, sanitized, and dry to walk on the moment we leave! Learn more below.

Quick & Easy Process

Simply call us or request service here online and we'll take care of the rest! No hidden fees. No up-sells. Straight forward, all-inclusive professional carpet cleaning service without the hassle and stress. We're not salesmen, we're carpet cleaners here to serve you.

Baby & Pet Safe

Our proprietary cleaning solutions are organic, non-toxic, and biodegradable. 100% safe for your home, family, and the environment. Your carpets are actually safer when we're done - it's cleaned, sanitized, and dry.

"Your carpet is sanitized, clean, dry, and ready to walk on when we leave!"

What Our Customers Are Saying

Patrick Ring
Patrick Ring
February 2, 2021.
First, in full disclosure, Carpet DryClean, Inc is (and has been for several years) a client of mine. So, my opinion may be considered biased by some. That being said... A while back, I had some service people in my home to make some repairs, and those service people did a good job of not tracking in any dirt while they did their work. I decided to ask Carpet DryClean to clean my carpets in those rooms anyway just to have the peace of mind that the carpets were clean. I'm glad I did. Their technician moved my two couches and small furniture while cleaning. He moved each item back as he was cleaning. The result was clean and dry carpet in the living room and master bedroom with a refreshing scent (hypo-allergenic, by the way). I was able to walk on it right away because it was dry. The scent lasted for several days. It seemed to neutralize some other odors in the house for several weeks afterwards. Overall, i was very satisfied with Carpet DryClean The work performed, including the result, was well worth the price that was paid. Thank you Carpet DryClean for cleaning my carpet. 🙂 patrick
Craig George
Craig George
December 19, 2020.
We used Carpet Dry Clean to clean three bedrooms. The carpet hadn't been cleaned in years, so I was skeptical about how well they would turn out. Carlo did a fantastic job on the carpet. He was prompt, professional and very pleasant. I love that we could walk on the carpet as soon as he was done; there was no soaking wet carpet. As the carpet fully dried, it looked cleaner and cleaner. My only regret is that I didn't call them sooner. They will definitely be my go-to carpet cleaner from now on.
Skip Graham
Skip Graham
November 11, 2020.
Fantastic work and customer service. When I requested a quote through Angies List I got a call back within 5 minutes, and service the same day. The main office also followed up immediately after the service was done, and when I thought there was an area that still looked a little worse for wear, they came back out the next day and re did that area at no cost - without me asking them. They just said "We will be back out tomorrow to fix it." Seriously, can you ask for more than that? I will certainly use them again.
Lauren Janarella
Lauren Janarella
October 19, 2020.
Thank you Earl and team! Great service- our first time using and not only were Earl and team friendly and quick, the carpets are clean and smell wonderful! We have a dog and baby and needed a good clean before the family visits. They cleaned the main living room as well as our third floor stairs and one other bedroom, even removed a dog stain for us in our bedroom. I compared costs with other commercial cleaners and Earl was a better price and service. It's so nice and fresh now and we will definitely be calling Earl again when it's time for another clean!
Mary Ann Vitale
Mary Ann Vitale
October 14, 2020.
OMG! Earl and Ava from Carpet Dry Clean just left my house! What a Fabulous job they did! They are professional, quick and vary capable of handling any carpet catastrophe! I give them five stars! hope the cleaning lasts because it looks fantastic. Will keep their # handy in my phone!
Judith Lowrey
Judith Lowrey
June 24, 2020.
Earl was able to schedule my area rug and sectional in just a few days. He called when they were on their way, which I appreciated. I pointed out some areas, the recliner foot rests for example, which I knew were so bad they wouldn’t come clean, but I’d appreciate any improvement. He and his daughter did a very professional job, and they explained the process as they worked. I felt the price paid was well worth the money. I’ve paid much more for other companies whose work wasn’t even close in results. I STILL don’t understand how he got those impossibly dirty foot rests clean, but he did! Well done, Carpet Dryclean!
Tom Imler
Tom Imler
June 24, 2020.
I found Earl and his company on Angie’s List. We had some furniture cleaned as we have pets. Earl and his assistant were early to their appointment. They arrived with the proper PPE and got right to work. They were thorough and efficient. My furniture is clean, sanitized and best of all no pet smell. The rates are reasonable for the service. I would definitely use carpet DryClean again.
Bill & Jean Leppek
Bill & Jean Leppek
June 20, 2020.
They show up on time, great professional service. Very knowledgeable in their trade. Highly recommended.
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Why Soaking Your Carpet Is Not Carpet Cleaning!

If you have your carpeting “cleaned” with the traditional steam or shampoo methods and it’s not dry by the time the cleaning crew leaves, germs are festering, and the risk of mold growth is very likely. And with our already damp state of Washington, that risk is multiplied.

Germs, mold, bacteria, viruses, etc. thrive in damp environments. That’s why wet carpet cleaning methods are not as effective as you have come to believe. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but it’s a fact.

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We Dry Clean Carpets

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

About The Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Here at SaniClean Carpet, we do dry carpet cleaning. It’s eco-friendly, baby-safe, and non-toxic. Best of all, it leaves your carpet 100% dry, clean, and sanitized.

The process is a dry extraction cleaning method. It’s a system that utilizes millions of little alcohol-based “micro-sponges” to clean the carpet. They are sponges that developed and saturated with an organic solvent.

We take these micro-sponges and spread them over your carpeting. We then work it in using a counter-rotating brush that scrubs the cleaner down into the carpeting to absorb contaminants, i.e., dirt, stains, odors, etc. We then extract all those contaminants completely, leaving your carpet clean and dry with no water damage done.

The most important thing for your carpets is to disinfect and sanitize them. Carpets are the biggest filter of your home. It should be cleaned and sanitized regularly, especially during this day and age of COVID-19. That’s exactly what our dry carpet cleaning accomplishes, unlike the traditional “steam” or shampoo carpet cleaning methods. Read more…

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"By design, our cleaning products are alcohol-based and therefore have built-in sanitizing properties that destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses. Because of this benefit, our carpet cleaning has become an in-demand and preferred service during this day and age of COVID-19."

Michael Castelo, SaniClean Carpet LLC
Sani Clean Dry Carpet CleaningSteam CleanersShampoo Cleaners
Cleans Carpet?
Deodorizes Carpet?
Environmentally Friendly?SomeSome
Sanitizes Carpet?NoNo
Protects Carpet?NoNo
No Drying Time?NoNo
Frequently Asked Questions

Residential carpet cleaning costs vary depending on the square footage (area) of your carpet to be cleaned. You can estimate the cost by the number of rooms you’d like your carpet cleaned.

Here in Washington, the average room size is 212 square feet. So, you can make a rough estimate of $85 per room for a residential home carpet cleaning in Washington State.

Keep in mind this is an estimate. The actual cost may be lower or higher depending on other factors such as additional carpet cleaning areas, soiled level, or large furniture moving requirements for example.

Call us today at (206) 590-7174 for a FREE carpet cleaning estimate by us.

Our residential cleaning averages about 2 hours. Of course, it depends on the carpet area size needed to be cleaned.

But, with SaniClean’s dry carpet cleaning process, there is no drying time needed. Unlike traditional “steam” or shampoo carpet cleaning methods, you would need to wait for your carpet to dry, which may take hours or even days (especially here in the damp state of Washington).

Not with us. You can walk on your carpet once our cleaning technicians are done! It’s definitely less intrusive to your lifestyle.

We clean any and all types of carpet you may have. From Level Loop, Woolberber, Cut-Loop, Cut Pile, Saxony, Needle Felt, to luxury rugs, etc. whatever type of carpet you have, we’ll properly clean and sanitize it. 

Learn more about the different types of carpet we clean here.

We at SaniClean Carpet are concerned about the exposure of our clients and our associates. 

By design, our cleaning products are alcohol-based and therefore have built-in sanitizing properties that destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses. Because of this benefit, our carpet cleaning has become an in-demand service. 

We strictly follow the CDC and DHHS guidelines to protect you and ourselves in a manner that allows us to continue to provide our carpet sanitizing services to you.

The following is a summary of measures we practice to protect everyone involved to provide you with safe and excellent service:

  • Associates are required to stay home if they experience any symptoms. 
  • We monitor the temperature of associates before every appointment.
  • Hand-washing before and after each service appointment.
  • Hand sanitizing and during a service appointment.
  • Sanitizing our equipment between service appointments.
  • Wearing approved face covering and gloves during appointments.
  • Avoiding close contact with clients whenever possible. 

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